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About DCI Biologicals, Inc.

For over 25 years, DCI has been a leader in the plasma industry. We are recognized both in the United States and in other countries for the consistently high quality of product we provide to pharmaceutical companies around the globe.

DCI has 32 plasma centers throughout the United States. All of our plasma centers are FDA regulated and follow all industry guidelines. We pride ourselves on operating modern plasma facilities staffed with trained and friendly personnel.

DCI is committed to supplying the highest quality plasma which is used to manufacture life-saving drugs and therapies. Here are several examples of patients who benefit from these drugs and therapies:
  • Children and Adults with hemophilia
  • Newborns and their mothers
  • Burn, shock and trauma victims (including our brave soldiers)
  • Immune-deficient children and adults
  • Organ transplant patients
  • And many more.
DCI is also working with cutting edge biotechnology companies to provide the plasma they need to develop new products. One example is a brand new treatment to treat Staph infections in newborns.


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For more information about donating plasma, visit PPTA: Donating Plasma